Money Talk: 

Personal Finance Workshop

Youth Finance Institute of America teaches teens basic finance life-skills. We have designed our four fundamental presentations to be short, engaging, and to bring basic finance concepts to life for students. We play a game at the end of every presentation that helps reinforce the concepts that are presented during the workshop.

Budget Basics:

Our Budget Basics Workshop was designed to help teens understand budget, savings, and banking fundamentals.

Students will learn:

 How to create a simple budget

 Basic savings concepts

 How to open a Bank Account

 How to read a standard bank statement

 How to write a check

Career Development

 The Career Development Workshop was created to guide students through the beginning stages of finding entry level employment as a teen. 

Students will learn:

 How to structure their first resume

 Basic job search skills

 Interviewing Tips

 Youth resources for starting a business

Credit 1-2-3

Credit 1-2-3 introduces students to how credit works in the real world.

Students will learn:

 How to build credit

 Credit score basics

 Credit cards and loans

 Responsible spending and debt management

Financial Aid for College

In our final workshop, we present to students the different types of financial aid that are available to help with college.

Students will learn:

 Federal and State Financial Aid Options

 Student Loans: Federal vs. Private

 How to find and apply for scholarships and Financial Aid