YFIA Current and Upcoming Programs

Money Talk Workshop Series:
YFIA workshop series focuses on basic finance skills tailored for the needs of young adults. Within this format, YFIA has created four workshops that focus on: Budgeting/banking, credit management, first job tips, and financial aid for college. Our content has been developed with the help of The FDIC Money Smart Program, Credit Karma, Travis Credit Union, Operation Hope and Nerdwallet. We deliver these workshops in a format that is easy to understand and short in length. At the end of each individual workshop topic, we play a game that reinforces the materials presented. The game also gives students the opportunity to win substantial prizes such as: tablets, gift cards, and wireless speakers to promote participation and interest in the material.

Youth Financial Advocate Program:
YFIA financial mentorship program focuses on helping young adults transition out of the Foster Care system. We assist youth by helping creating a personalized plan to get them on their feet. Within this plan it may include: a customized budget, help with establishing and building and helping obtain employment. On a standard note, we also bring youth directly into partner banks to open checking and savings accounts.

Cash for College: (FAFSA PROGRAM)
In partnership with the California Student Aid Commission, YFIA will now be administering the Cash for College workshops to assist youth and their parents/guardians fill out the FAFSA. We administer this program with the intent of boosting college attendance in disadvantaged areas by informing the public about available financial aid resources.

In conjunction with Richmond Promise we will present our first Cash for College workshop in November 2017.