“Youth Finance Institute of America is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization that promotes financial literacy amongst youth”

Our Mission:

To enrich the lives of our youth by providing support in the development of finance related life skills. Prepare students to become financially stable and independent into adulthood.

Our Goal: 

Youth Finance Institute of America’s (YFIA) goal is to educate youth about basic personal finance life skills. Our curriculum offers an opportunity for youth to break the cycle of poor money management habits. We prepare youth to become financially independent and to be aware of common pitfalls that lead to excessive debt and financial turmoil. Our target demographic is youth, ages 14-20 located in low to moderate income neighborhoods.

Who We Are:

 An Organization founded by individuals who have demonstrated passion for youth development. We are dedicated to pour our diverse skill sets into this organization to promote financial wellness within our community.

We Offer:

At YFIA, we offer workshops and programs tailored to helping students to learn basic concepts in the area of finance, create there own free checking and savings accounts, and newly offer a cash for college workshop for students entering the financial aid process for college!

These programs include: